Published: 12 July 2022  (Updated: 12 July 2022)

EU Safety Gate Alerts June 2022

Update on EC product safety alerts and reports of cosmetic products posing a risk to the health and safety of consumers.

The European Commission Safety Gate is used by EU market surveillance authorities to notify unsafe and noncompliant products, including those that present a risk to the health and safety of consumers.  The online system serves as a single rapid alert system for dangerous consumer products.  All non-food products intended for consumers or likely under reasonably foreseeable conditions to be used by consumers are included within the scope, with the exception of pharmaceutical and medical products.  This information is circulated among the competent authorities, through a network of national contact points.

CTPA regularly checks the notifications made via the rapid alert system website.  For information, below are recent notifications made by the Member States.


Face cream as it presents a risk of injury to the consumer if the glass vial container breaks.  Products have been recalled from end users and withdrawn from the market.


Skin lightening cream with chemical risk as it contains hydroquinone.  It has been withdrawn from the market.


Hair detangler as it presents a risk of microbiological contamination due to the detection of Pluralibactor gergoviae.  Products have been recalled from end users.

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