Published: 08 April 2021  (Updated: 08 April 2021)

CTPA Training ‘The Cosmetic Borderlines: Legal Background and Practical Approaches’

Are you looking for a practical application of the cosmetic product classification and its borderline scenarios?  Do you also want to understand with actual examples all the borderline scenarios for cosmetic products?

Join CTPA in the training ‘The Cosmetic Borderlines: Legal Background and Practical Approaches’, taking place during the afternoons of 19-21 April 2021.  The training, open for members and non-members of CTPA, will focus on:

  • improving the understanding of the definition of cosmetic product in the UK, EU and international markets;
  • providing knowledge around the legal background to the numerous cosmetic borderlines, focussing in particular on the cosmetic/medicine and cosmetic/biocide contexts;
  • examining practical case studies and relevant considerations for borderline scenarios and market products staying within the cosmetic remit.

On Day 3, CTPA will be joined by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to analyse practical case studies on the concepts and knowledge explained during the first 2 days of the CTPA training ‘The Cosmetic Borderlines: Legal Background and Practical Approaches’.

To book your place, please visit the CTPA event page.

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