14:00 19 April 2021

The Cosmetic Borderlines: Legal Background and Practical Approaches

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As part of a broader approach to cosmetic claims, CTPA aims to provide training opportunities for the industry, members and non-member companies, on the regulatory requirements for products classification and assessment of borderline scenarios.  CTPA is therefore organising the virtual training ‘The Cosmetic Borderlines: Legal Background and Practical Approaches’.

Product classification is important to ensure the clear purpose of the product, but also to market it under the correct regulatory framework; this is relevant not only to market products in the legal correct way, but also not to mislead consumers that products may have functions and effects they do not.  There are specific definitions of products within the regulations and there are fundamental factors that have to be taken into account when classifying a product as a cosmetic, ensuring it doesn’t cross the line into another remit (e.g. medicine, biocide, medical device, as examples).


The training will be held as a virtual event across 19-21 April 2021 and will comprise of daily 2-hours sessions running from 14.00 until 16.00.


  • Improve understanding of the definition of cosmetic product in the UK, EU and international markets.
  • Improve knowledge around the legal background to the numerous cosmetic borderlines, focussing in particular on the cosmetic/medicine and cosmetic/biocide contexts.
  • Provide practical case studies and relevant considerations for borderline scenarios and market products staying within the cosmetic remit.
  • Promote the understanding and use of CTPA resources on borderlines.


The preliminary programme is available here for download.  The training will cover:

  • the cosmetic definition and its criteria for the UK, EU and international markets;
  • possible borderline scenarios for cosmetic products and their legal background;
  • cosmetic/biocide borderline focus, covering criteria for classification, examples of hand sanitisers vs hand gels, enforcement;
  • cosmetic/medicine borderline focus, covering criteria for classification, relevant areas and examples for this type of borderline, enforcement;
  • practical case studies;
  • CTPA resources and work on cosmetic borderlines.

CTPA staff will be accompanied by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Who is it for?

It is for any person from members or non-member companies working in R&D, Regulatory and Compliance, Legal, Brand Marketing or Brand Managing and anyone else involved in the development and advertising of claims.

The cost of the training is £100 + VAT for members of CTPA and £150 + VAT for non-members of CTPA; discounts for groups are also available (download the group booking form and follow the instructions in order to do this). 

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The Cosmetic Borderlines: Legal Background and Practical Approaches

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