Published: 14 April 2020  (Updated: 08 June 2020)

CTPA Launches Emergency Response Exchange (CERE) to help tackle COVID-19

The cosmetics and personal care industry has been instrumental in maximising production of products that are helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19, notably hand sanitisers, handwashes and soaps. However, record demand for these essential products has created supply shortages of the ingredients and other components needed to make them.  

CTPA has therefore been working on an Exchange system which aims to help the production of hand hygiene products by matching the needs of manufacturing facilities with the suppliers of ingredients and components required, while also being able to help the NHS and other relevant care services who urgently need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  

We are pleased to announce that the CTPA Emergency Response Exchange (CERE) is now live at  

If you have manufacturing capacity but need ingredients, components or supporting services, or if you are a supplier of ingredients, components or supporting services needed to manufacture and distribute hand hygiene products or PPE, CERE can help make the match.  

Find out more in the Press Release

If you are able to contribute or benefit from the Exchange in order to increase the supply of hand sanitisers, handwashes, soaps or hand creams; or can help with the supply of PPE to the NHS and other relevant care services, then please visit the CERE webpage.

Also, do share the Press Release and CERE website link, CTPA tweets etc. within your organisation or with any contacts who may want to take part in the Exchange.

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