Published: 07 September 2023  (Updated: 07 September 2023)

BLOG: Every (Trade) Body Needs Good Neighbours

Have you registered yet for CTPA’s International Seminar taking place 6-7 November? Our latest blog series offers a taster of what to expect, exploring how our industry’s international activity is creating value in the UK and beyond.

In this second blog we’re taking a look at how collaboration with local embassies and trade bodies around the world helps to deliver vital insight and influence for the UK cosmetic and personal care industry.

Working closely with the UK Government’s Department for Business and Trade (DBT) means CTPA can create valuable local connections with our global neighbours. This can be especially important where regulatory changes in international markets could impact (positively or negatively) on trading for UK-based companies.

A good example of this is CTPA’s collaboration with the UK Embassy in Jakarta on the issue of halal product certification. New rules mean that by October 2026, all cosmetic and personal care products that are imported, distributed and traded in Indonesia will have to be formally certified as Halal by an accredited body and carry clear consumer labelling. The alternative to the certification process is to label and market products prominently as non-halal. CTPA is working closely with colleagues at the Embassy and wider local stakeholders to ensure that the UK Government has the right international agreements in place to allow for UK certification bodies to be recognised under the new law.

These collaborative efforts offer valuable benefits to UK companies. It means they’ll be able to test and certify their halal products in the UK, rather than having to request certification from the Indonesian authorities, which could be a lengthy and extremely costly exercise. 

Meanwhile, in Israel discussions are afoot with the UK Embassy and Chamber of Commerce, as well as local senior politicians. As changes to the country’s cosmetic legislation are set to make it easier for EU products to meet regulatory requirements, representatives from CTPA and Cosmetics Europe have been providing advice on how the new provisions might work best from an industry perspective. Since UK and EU regulations remain very similar, CTPA is also seeking similar provisions for UK companies, which could again provide important trading benefits.

Working with sister trade bodies around the world can also prove extremely valuable. Closest to home, CTPA is a member of Cosmetics Europe and is actively represented in its International Committee. We’re also actively involved in its multiple sub-committees around specific markets or pressing industry issues. This work provides a valuable window into regulatory changes in other regions and offers the opportunity to input into planned changes by local governments. Equally, we can provide workshops for local authorities to help them to better understand how EU and UK regulation work.

Outside of our activity with Cosmetics Europe, CTPA also benefits from a wealth of long-standing relationships with sister associations, and in some cases have MoUs in place.  In recent months sister associations have invited us to speak at events in Korea, Spain, France and China, offering updates on UK issues and gathering intelligence about other markets. Importantly, it means that where global issues affect all markets, associations can come together to discuss and compare approaches.

When it comes to regulatory issues specifically, being an observer of the International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR) is invaluable. It’s an annual roundtable of the cosmetics regulatory authorities from Brazil, Canada, Chinese Taipei, the European Union, Israel, Japan, Republic of Korea, the United States, to which the UK is invited to attend. Participants meet on an annual basis to discuss cosmetics safety and regulation, and host constructive dialogue with cosmetics industry trade associations. In fact, the cosmetics and personal care industry is one of the only industries where global regulators convene on a regular basis alongside their relevant trade body counterparts.

While CTPA travelled to Brazil for the 2023 ICCR event, international knowledge-share can happen much closer to home too. In fact, CTPA’s own International Committee meets quarterly to discuss key issues, such as responses to live consultations, and regulatory changes in different markets.

For members, the International Committee is an opportunity to be sighted on the pressing issues of the day and to contribute to the shape of regulation. Meanwhile for CTPA, member companies’ technical expertise brings a valuable perspective. Where emerging issues might seem challenging in principle, for instance, members can often offer simple, practical solutions. Likewise their industry insider perspective helps to strengthen CTPA’s guidance documents; the upcoming work on global labelling guidelines being a recent example.

To hear more about our UK industry’s work with our global neighbours, and how CTPA can support you on international issues, sign up to CTPA’s two-day International Seminar taking place in London on 6 and 7 November 2023. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about the changing global picture and its implications for companies from the UK Government, sister trade associations from other countries and wider experts.

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