Published: 25 March 2019  (Updated: 09 August 2019)

Brexit Update - Change of Exit Day

Following the political events from last week and today, CTPA would like to inform companies that the date for the UK exit from the EU has changed.

Companies can view here the draft Statutory Instrument (SI) amending Exit day to:

  • 12 April if the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) is not agreed by the UK Government this week (in this case, the UK would be expected to indicate a way forward before such date); or
  • 22 May if the WA is agreed by the UK Government this week;

in accordance with Article 1 of European Council Decision (EU) 2019/476 of 22 March 2019.

IMPORTANT: There is still a risk of a 'no deal' Brexit at either one of the above dates. CTPA continues to advise the industry to prepare for the worst case scenario; please view the CTPA Brexit public page for 'no deal' contingency planning for crucial advice.


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