Published: 08 June 2021  (Updated: 08 June 2021)

The UK Secures a Trade Agreement with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein


On 4 June 2021, the UK secured a new trade deal with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein that will boost British sectors such as digital, cut tariffs on British food and farm products and support jobs in the country. 

The trade deal, agreed in principle, includes dedicated chapters on digital trade and small businesses, meaning that British firms exporting to these three countries will be able to do so without submitting paperwork: all documents, contracts and signatures will be electronic, allowing goods to move easily across borders and saving businesses time and money.  The agreement will also allow caps on the charges mobile operators are allowed to charge each other for the international mobile roaming, keeping costs low for holiday makers and business travelers.  It also allows high-skilled professionals to enter Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein for business purposes, means faster and simpler visa processes and includes professional qualification recognition. 

More information can be found on the UK Government website.

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