Published: 17 November 2023  (Updated: 17 November 2023)

DBT's UK Chemicals Supply Chain Catalogue

The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) is looking to launch a UK Chemicals Supply Chain Catalogue as a showcase of the UK’s strengths in this area, as well as to enhance market awareness in China.  The catalogue will be distributed in both digital and printed paper version, and will also be uploaded into DBT’s trade digital platform for a better accessibility to wider China audience.  The catalogue will be all in English and Chinese.  DBT will help to translate company profiles if UK companies do not have in-house capacity to provide a Chinese version.

There is no cost for the chemical company to add their profile to the catalogue.  Instead, DBT would need the following information from any interested companies:

  • Company name (English, and Chinese if any), company logo (in source file), company website;
  • Company introduction, business focus, product introduction, and any other things that you wish to include, maximum 300 English words/400 Chinese words in total;
  • One or two product pictures (indicated product name/model/type, jpg file).

The above information should then be sent through to Ellie Guo ([email protected]).

To have a better picture what the Catalogue will look like, DBT has shared the UK Advanced Engineering Capacity Catalogue for reference.  The chemicals catalogue will have a similar look and layout.

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