Published: 03 May 2022  (Updated: 03 May 2022)

New UK Trade Measures for Ukraine and Russia


On 25 April 2022, the UK announced new trade measures to cut tariffs on all goods covered under the existing UK-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (FTA).  That is, all tariffs on goods imported from Ukraine will now be reduced to zero and all quotas will be removed under the FTA.

In addition, the UK announced on 21 April 2022 expanding the list of products facing increased tariffs by 35%.  The list includes essential oils, perfumery, cosmetic and toilet preparations, meaning that these products will be subject to additional duties when imported from Russia and Belarus and once legislation is in force.  Legislation will be laid in due course to implement these measures, and the overall scope of products affected by existing and planned tariff increases will remain under review.  The full list of imports requiring additional duties can be found on the UK Government website

The full list of sanctions relating to Russia is available here, and further guidance to assist in the implementation of, and compliance with these sanctions can be found here.

Businesses and traders with questions relating to trading with Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus can continue to submit their enquiries to the Department for International Trade’s (DIT) Export Support Service by visiting, or calling the helpline using the number 0300 303 8955.


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