Published: 30 July 2021  (Updated: 30 July 2021)

Instagram Live - Polish Up Your Nail Knowledge

Friday 6 August @ 1300 BST 

On Instagram:  @thectpa  @mariannewman  @the_fnp_ 

CTPA is delighted to announce that Marian Newman BEM will be joining CTPA and our Instagram followers for a live, interactive Q&A session on 6 August at 1pm.  Marian is an industry nail expert, author and Chair of The Federation of Nail Professionals (FNP), and Marian and CTPA will answer questions asked by our followers about nail products and nailcare. 

What do claims such as ‘hypoallergic’ mean? Does the animal testing ban also apply to nail products?  How can we be confident nail products are safe? Have any rules changed after Brexit?  Come and join us to ask Marian and CTPA anything you want to know about nail products and the cosmetics industry.  Questions can also be submitted beforehand by messaging us on Instagram @thectpa or Twitter @TheCTPA. 

Please follow @thectpa, @mariannewman and @the_fnp_ on Instagram. 

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