Published: 14 February 2023  (Updated: 14 February 2023)

INPUT NEEDED – Risk Assessment of Cosmetics Using NAMs and NGRA

CTPA has been raising awareness and promoting the use of Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) and New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) among industry and regulators.  In particular, in 2022, CTPA held an expert workshop on NAMs, bringing together cosmetics company scientists, animal-free testing providers, NGOs, academia and UK Government regulators; and CTPA also created and promoted a new member resource on the topic.

As its next step, CTPA is planning to organise a practical teaching on how to use NGRA and NAMs so that these are integrated into the day-to-day work of a safety assessor.  The practical teaching would allow safety assessors to gain more expertise and confidence on how to use NGRA and NAMs for safety assessment, whilst being guided through case studies by industry experts. 

In order to target the practical teaching, we would like to gain the below feedback from members of CTPA who are safety assessors or provide safety assessment services.  To contribute, please answer the below questions and provide your feedback directly to CTPA by 23 February 2023.   



  1. Do you use Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) and New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) for cosmetic safety assessment?
  2. If yes
    1. how confident do you feel about integrating NGRA and NAMs into your day-to-day safety assessments?
    2. what are the challenges you face when using NGRA/NAMs?
    3. what are the barriers that stop you from using NGRA/NAMs?
    4. what would be the most important thing you could learn in one day to help you understand better and use NGRA/NAMs?
    5. what would you need to overcome the challenges/fears and gain more confidence in using NGRA/NAMs?
    6. if you had the opportunity to interact with experts on NGRA/NAMs, what would like to learn from them or ask them?


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