Published: 10 May 2022

Do you Know your Obligations for Cosmetovigilance as an RP?

The Responsible Person (RP) must comply with specific requirements for cosmetovigilance under the UK and EU Cosmetics Regulations.  There are obligations to assess and interpret an Undesirable Effect (UE) or a Serious Undesirable Effect (SUE), collect information to carry out a causality assessment, as well as reporting relevant cases to authorities.  Are you looking to upskill on your cosmetovigilance obligations as an RP?

CTPA is intending to run an interactive training on cosmetovigilance and companies’ obligations, for companies that are not members of the association.  This CTPA training shall provide an overview of company’s recording and reporting obligations in the UK and the EU when a consumer experiences an adverse event, with a particular focus on performing a causality assessment.  Furthermore, attendees shall gain knowledge of the causality assessment process via practical examples and active participation to case studies. If sufficient interest is received, more details on the date, time and cost of the training will be shared soon.  The training will be offered for a small fee.

If your company is not a CTPA member but you would like to attend a training on Cosmetovigilance, please email [email protected] to register your interest in this training.  This training would benefit regulatory professionals, marketing, customer care professionals amongst others.

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