Published: 26 April 2019  (Updated: 09 August 2019)

CTPA Webinar for Non-Members on Consumer Adverse Skin Reactions to Cosmetic Products

CTPA is looking to further help companies who are not members of CTPA with the recording and monitoring of any skin reactions which are experienced by consumers after using cosmetic products. This process is called "Cosmetovigilance". It is necessary to collect, evaluate and monitor reports from consumers about undesirable effects, which have taken place during the normal use of a cosmetic product, as part of the Cosmetovigilance process. Companies also have legal obligations associated with Cosmetovigilance, so it is essential that they have an effective system in place. We are aware that dermatologists have concerns about this reporting system.

CTPA wants to broaden knowledge within the wider UK cosmetics industry of the recording and reporting obligations when a consumer experiences an adverse event, particularly for companies that may not have established Cosmetovigilance processes already in place.

Therefore, CTPA will be running a Cosmetovigilance Training Webinar for companies which are not members of CTPA. The webinar is free of charge.

The interactive webinar will begin with an introduction to Cosmetovigilance, the legal obligations and how to obtain the necessary information from the consumer. The second half of the webinar will focus on practical aspects of how to complete a "causality assessment"; which means determining how likely it is that the cosmetic product in question caused the undesirable effect. Several practical examples of causality assessment will be presented before attendees will have the opportunity to work through some case studies interactively during the webinar. The webinar will end with a Q&A session.

The webinar will last for 2 hours.

Date: 18 October 2019

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

To book a place, please register at this link.

For further information, please contact [email protected]

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