Published: 31 May 2023

CTPA Practical Teaching on NGRA and NAMs: Meet the Experts!

The CTPA Practical Teaching on Risk Assessment of Cosmetics Using New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) and Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) is coming soon!  For all information about the programme, our experts and how to register, please check the event page.

Jay Ingram will be one of the experts on NGRA and NAMs facilitating the practical session and helping you handle data from these approaches and understand how to make a safety decision, as well as address any of your questions.

Jay has 15 years of experience as a toxicological safety assessor and has spent his career at the intersection of toxicological safety and regulatory compliance. Jay has been Director, EMEA at Delphic HSE since April 2021 and has been with the company since 2019. As part of this role he has been involved in the Humane Society International’s Animal Free Safety Assessment Collaboration (AFSA) since 2021, writing the majority of the module on the Global Regulatory Landscape of animal testing in cosmetic regulations. Jay has an extensive history of cosmetic and personal care safety assessment through his roles in Delphic HSE, Reckitt, and Unilever.

Join Jay and the other experts at the CTPA Practical Teaching on Risk Assessment of Cosmetics Using NAMs and NGRA on 21 June in London!

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