Published: 24 May 2023

CTPA Practical Teaching on NGRA and NAMs: Meet the Experts!

The CTPA Practical Teaching on Risk Assessment of Cosmetics Using New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) and Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) is coming soon!  For all information about the programme, our experts and how to register, please check the event page.

Dr Maria Baltazar will be one of the experts on NGRA and NAMs leading on the delivery of the practical case study on benzophenone-4, as she directly worked on the safety dossier of this ingredient which is entirely based on NGRA and NAMs.  Maria will also help you address any challenges you may face in your journey towards animal-free risk assessment, as well as answer any of your questions.

Maria Baltazar is currently a Science Leader at the Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre of Unilever responsible for leading research teams developing new approach methodologies (NAMs) applied to next generation risk assessment for systemic toxicity. She joined Unilever in 2016 as a risk assessor in the skin allergy and immunology field and from 2018 to 2022 she led the Inhalation Research Group which developed new methods for assessing lung toxicity using 3D tissue models and computational tools. Maria received her Msc and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy from the University of Porto in Portugal. While in Portugal, she was an invited Assistant Professor at the Advanced Institute of Health Sciences (Gandra, Portugal) where she lectured Food Toxicology Analysis in the BSc degree in Forensic and Criminal Sciences for two years. After graduating in 2014, she joined the fast consumer goods company Imperial Brands as a risk assessor.

Maria is a frequent invited speaker at international conferences and webinars and recipient of two awards from the Society of Toxicology Risk Assessment Specialty Section. She has been appointed as industry representative in international consortia (e.g., Texas A&M Tissue Chip Validation Consortium) and in trade associations, both Cosmetics Europe and the International Consortium on Cosmetic Safety where she is currently the chair of the Safety Decision Delivery Team. Maria’s research passion is to advance the application of non-animal methods for safety assessment and ultimate regulatory acceptance.

Join Maria and the other experts at the CTPA Practical Teaching on Risk Assessment of Cosmetics Using NAMs and NGRA on 21 June in London!

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