Published: 16 May 2022  (Updated: 03 October 2022)

CTPA 2021 Annual Report Now Online!


CTPA is pleased to launch its online Annual Report 2021 which, as for 2020, is a purely digital version allowing us to create a very visual and interactive report.

As the voice of the cosmetics industry in the UK, the CTPA seeks to ensure that it is open to dialogue with regulatory authorities, political stakeholders, NGOs, the media and other interested parties to present clear, scientific facts on the many topics pertaining to the efficacy, safety and essentiality of cosmetics and personal care products.  We are proud that CTPA’s proactive work with the UK Government was recognised in 2021 by the Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS), awarding CTPA the Regulatory Excellence Award in the Product Safety category.   

See the Review of the Year for a full report of activities.

As part of CTPA’s forward thinking sustainability strategy ‘Driving towards a net positive cosmetics industry’, members are being offered tailored advice to help them set meaningful targets on their paths to achieving the UK Government’s goal of net zero by 2050.  The Association is also collaborating with key stakeholders to find solutions to difficult challenges, such as take-back schemes for currently unrecycled cosmetic packaging. 

Read more in A Sustainable Journey.

New research commissioned in February shows that 85% of UK adults surveyed feel that cosmetics and personal care products are essential to their lives, adding to the wealth of data that CTPA has on what helps build positive self-esteem. 

Read about the findings in our feature article ‘More than a Feeling’

CTPA’s work to help position the UK as an attractive market to do business is reflected in ‘The UK in the Global Landscape’ which looks at the trading relationship with the rest of the world and highlights the changes to the regulatory landscape.  ‘Cosmetic Industry in Figures’ reveals how the GB market fared during another tough year of COVID lockdowns.

We hope you find the report an interesting and engaging read and do please share the link with colleagues, those who know CTPA and those who do not.




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