Published: 10 December 2021

Impact of Systemic Toxicity in Cosmetic Safety Assessment


Many cosmetic ingredients can be absorbed through the skin. Therefore, the evaluation of systemic toxicity is crucial in the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients.

The fourth module of the CTPA Safety Assessment Campaign 2021 explains the principles behind systemic toxicity including in vivo and in vitro test methods to assess the relevant toxicological end points.  The module covers the following key topics:

  • The importance of assessing repeated dose toxicity, how in vivo testing is conducted, different toxicological end points for repeated dose toxicity and non-animal approaches in safety assessment.
  • The principles behind reproductive toxicity, its importance in the safety assessment, in vivo and in vitro test methods used to assess reproductive toxicity.
  • The principles behind carcinogens, mutagens and genotoxins, in vivo and in vitro test methods to assess these endpoints.

Further details are available in the CTPA Safety Assessment Campaign 2021 programme and in the events section on the CTPA website. The speaker profiles are available at this link.

Please contact Sameer Mehandale for further information.

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