Published: 08 June 2021  (Updated: 09 July 2021)

DGK-IKW Training Courses for Cosmetic Safety Assessors

The safety of  consumers, and therefore of cosmetic products, is the highest priority of the cosmetics industry, as well as a mandatory regulatory requirement.  Article 10 of the UK and EU Cosmetic Products Regulations  require that all cosmetic products must undergo a safety assessment by an appropriately qualified safety assessor holding qualifications specified in the Article. Although the qualifications are essential, continuing education in relevant scientific fields such as chemistry, toxicology and dermatology helps to ensure robust and competent safety assessment of cosmetic products.  

In order to address this need, IKW, the German Cosmetic Association together with the German Society of Scientific and Applied Cosmetics (DGK), have been running continuing education courses for cosmetic safety assessors since 1998.  The speakers delivering these courses are highly qualified experts from their respective disciplines in academia, industry, and public authorities such as the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS).  

The cycle of courses offered regularly  consists of seven individual courses.  At the end of each course a written test (participation on a voluntary basis) is taken. After successful completion of all seven individual courses, overall participation is confirmed. All seven courses are currently available only as online webinars. 

The cycle of courses is divided into the following topics which can be attended in any order: 

  • Exposure of cosmetic products/percutaneous penetration
  • Topical safety, immunology and sensitisation
  • Metabolism, kinetics and structure-activity relationships
  • Carcinogenicity and mutagenicity
  • General and systemic toxicity
  • Reproductive toxicity 
  • Microbiological safety of cosmetic products

In addition, DGK and IKW offer two to three seminars for safety assessors per year featuring lectures on the latest developments or specific topics in the area of safety assessment and practical exercises. 

Safety assessors who fulfil the minimum education requirements under the Article 10 of the CPR, complete the series of seven-courses and participate in at least three seminars for safety assessors in the past three years, may apply for the “DGK Safety Assessor Certificate”.  The completion of all seven modules within the CTPA Safety Assessment Campaign 2021 will count as two seminar points towards obtaining the “DGK Safety Assessor Certificate”. 

For more information and upcoming seminars please visit this link.  

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