Published: 16 April 2024  (Updated: 16 April 2024)

CosPaTox Guidelines for PCR Plastic in Cosmetic Packaging

CTPA would like to highlight that the Cosmetics, Packaging and Toxicology (CosPaTox) Consortium has published guidelines on the safe use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics in cosmetic packaging.

The UK Cosmetics Regulation requires all cosmetic products to undergo a safety assessment before being placed on the market.  Safety assessors look at the individual ingredients, how they are used in the final product and whether the finished product is safe.  This evaluation includes the relevant characteristics of packaging material, in particular purity and stability, and any potential interaction between packaging and product during the proposed life of the product.  When considering PCR plastic in cosmetic packaging, there are significant safety considerations regarding migration of unknown contaminants into cosmetic products.  

The CosPaTox guidelines are available to download from its website.

For any questions related to the guidelines, please contact the Consortium directly.

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