Published: 05 December 2018

Brexit - CTPA Position on the Withdrawal Agreement

CTPA would like to stress again the impact of a 'no deal' Brexit on the cosmetics industry.  A cliff edge would have disastrous consequences on the industry as it could result in legislative gaps and products being stopped at the borders because of non-compliant labelling and logistical issues.

It is also very important to stress that the cosmetics industry is covered by over 30 EU Regulations, in particular REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals) and therefore the entire supply chain is impacted.  CTPA is calling on the UK Government and Members of Parliament to avoid a 'no deal' scenario.  The cosmetics industry is a big contributor to the UK economy, consumer wellbeing and health and a major employer (more information on CTPA Annual Report and CTPA Position Paper).

The Commission recently released a 'no deal' preparation document for the cosmetics industry ( explaining the steps that companies will have to take with regard to the establishment of an EU Responsible Person, notification (CPNP portal) and labelling.  This document highlights the added complexities companies will have to face.  CTPA has been providing advice to members and the industry at large on contingency planning since the day after the Referendum to provide expert insight.  However, some of the changes required will be difficult to have fully in place by April 2019 (

CTPA will be monitoring the UK Parliament's vote on the Withdrawal Agreement on 11 December and any emerging details on the future UK Cosmetics legislative framework in what is expected to be a very busy week.  Watch this space for further news!


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