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We are a start-up company and/or new to the cosmetics market with less than 10 employees

We are a brand owner and manufacturer of own cosmetic brands

We are a proprietary brand owner but the products are produced by third party(ies)

We provide a contract manufacturing/filling service to the cosmetics industry

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Private Label only

Filling/Packing Only

Private Label plus Own Brands

We act as distributors for a number of cosmetic brands which are

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Manufactured in the UK

Manufactured outside EU 27/EEA

Manufactured in Europe (EU 27/EEA)

We supply to

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Professional Trade (salons, spas, hotels etc.)

General Public (high street shops, pharmacies etc.)

Online Resellers

We are a retailer and/or a wholesaler

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Online Retailer


We have our own cosmetic brands made by us

We have our own cosmetic brands made for us

We do not have own branded cosmetic products but sell cosmetic products

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In Our Own Stores

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