Cosmetic Claims

I want to make claims about my product. What do I need to know?

Article 20 of both the UK and EU Cosmetics Regulations gives the provisions for cosmetic claims and covers text, names, trademarks, pictures and figurative or other signs. Furthermore, cosmetic claims have to comply with EU Regulation 655/2013 providing the Common Criteria for Cosmetic Claims, which is also referred to in Article 20 of the UK Cosmetics Regulation and therefore continues to apply in GB. There are six Common Criteria for Cosmetic Claims and all of these must be taken into consideration; if a claim is in breach of one of these criteria, then the claim shall not be made. Additionally, when assessing a claim, the understanding of the averagely well-informed consumer has to be considered against the message that is intended to be delivered. The Responsible Person placing the products on the market is responsible for the claims made, including their wording and their claim substantiation. Additional rules for claims are provided under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and the advertising rules. The UK regulator for advertising is the Advertising Standards Authority. More information can be found on the Cosmetic Product Claims page.