Safety of Cosmetics

Under the UK and EU Cosmetics Regulations, a cosmetic product must be assessed as safe by a duly qualified safety assessor; the safety assessor will demonstrate the product safety and the reasoning for it assessment in the CPSR.  Annex I of both the UK and EU Cosmetics Regulations provides the structure of the CPSR and what information must be present in the document and shall therefore be taken into account by the safety assessor.  The safety assessor needs the help of the RP to access all the important information that is needed to compile a comprehensive CPSR.

CTPA has issued this infographic to help RPs and safety assessors work together to ensure that CPSRs are comprehensive.  It is very important that the safety assessor has access to all the required information in order to generate a high quality safety report.  The RP shall look to obtain this information during your development process as it can be time intensive to gather all necessary information.