Published: 06 August 2021  (Updated: 17 August 2021)

REACHReady Events from the CIA

The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) is the organisation that represents chemical and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the UK.  REACHReady is a subsidiary of the CIA, formed to provide support to companies affected by REACH, and offer services related to compliance with the chemicals regulatory framework.

As part of this support service, the CIA is hosting three events businesses on understanding helping businesses to understand UK REACH and how to comply with a framework that requires expert and technical knowledge.  All events available at a cost, and below are the dates and details of each event.

  • Navigating UK REACH, 8 September – This is a half day workshop, jointly run with the support of one of REACHReady’s Approved Service providers.  The webinar is focussed on UK REACH and its transitional provisions related to the Downstream Users Import Notifications (DUIN), registration requirements and considerations on data sharing.  It also provides an introduction on other aspects of UK REACH compliance, such as candidate list and authorisation.
  • UK REACH data essentials, 20 October - This workshop explains key data endpoints required for UK REACH registrations, discuss data quality, validity and handling conflicting results, and highlight potential cost saving means.  Designed to be an introduction to regulatory toxicology and environmental effects, the day will concentrate on the concepts of standard studies and the use of alternatives, as well as how data is used for hazard classification and risk assessment.
  • REACH The Basics, 10-11 November – This is a 2 half days session on the basics of REACH; this is REACHReady’s most popular workshop for those who need to understand how both UK and EU REACH work.  

Members of CTPA and all interested companies manufacturing or importing cosmetic ingredients or finished cosmetic products, or distributors are encouraged to attend these events.  To register, please visit the REACHReady website.


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