Published: 22 September 2020  (Updated: 22 September 2020)

Ethical and Reliable: Alternatives to Animal Testing in Cosmetic Safety Assessment

March 2020 marks 7th anniversary of the complete implementation of the EU animal testing ban for cosmeticsIn order to perform a comprehensive safety assessment, the cosmetics industry must rely on alternative methods to generate new data for safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients and products.

The cosmetics industry has been at the forefront of developing alternatives to animal testing for more than 25 years.  This has led to significant advancement in the development and use of in vitro test methods.  For anyone working in cosmetic product development who wants to learn more on this topic, CTPA and XCellR8 are running must attend virtual training event.  This event ‘Principles of Cosmetic Safety Assessment Using Alternatives to Animal Testing’ will provide an insight into the use of alternatives to animal testing in the safety assessment process and interpretation of in vitro results.

In the third session, founder and CEO of XCellR8, Dr Carol Treasure will provide an introduction to in vitro test methods in cosmetic safety assessment including video demonstration.

Carol founded XCellR8 in 2008 with a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to 100% animal-free testing and the company’s work has been recognised at a regulatory level by the OECD and by top funding bodies such as Innovate UK and Horizon 2020.

Carol holds a first degree in Physiology and Pharmacology from the University of Sheffield, and a PhD from the FRAME Alternatives Laboratory at University of Nottingham, based on skin cell biology and reconstructed skin models for cosmetics testing. She undertook post graduate work to create reconstructed models of diseased skin with a focus on psoriasis models for drug screening.  She has devoted her career to using innovative science to replace animal testing over the past 25 years, working closely with leading cosmetic companies and ingredient suppliers. Carol has specific expertise and interest in creating animal product free cell culture systems for in vitro testing.

For information on the full programme and booking please visit events section on the CTPA website.

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