About Us

The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association Limited (CTPA) is the UK trade association representing all types of companies involved in making, supplying and selling cosmetics and personal care products.

“While it is certainly an uncertain time, it is also an incredible time to be part of Team CTPA. Thanks to the Association’s rich heritage in offering credible, science-led consultancy on risk and regulation, team members have found their voices are being welcomed where it really matters.
"I am proud to champion progressive thinking that challenges the science status-quo; proud to be playing a role in shaping our industry's future; and as Director-General I am also incredibly proud of the expert CTPA team that is blazing this trail."
Dr Emma Meredith, Director-General, CTPA

As the credible authority for a vibrant and innovative UK industry trusted to act responsibly for the benefit of the consumer, CTPA promotes best practice and advises companies about the strict legal framework for cosmetics. Representing industry views to the UK Government and external stakeholders we also provide information to the media on issues relating to the safety of cosmetic products.

Key roles
  • Enabling the cosmetics and personal care industry to deliver excellence and support wellbeing – providing a wide choice of products for people of all ages, gender and ethnicity
  • To be the credible authority for a vibrant and responsible UK industry, trusted to act responsibly for the consumer
  • Promoting the strengths of a highly-regulated industry and signposting best practices by working with all stakeholders to ensure high quality cosmetic and personal care products are made to the highest possible safety standards
  • Driving Towards a Net Positive Cosmetics Industry – CTPA’s sustainability strategy promoting best practice and cross-sector stakeholder initiatives to effect systems-wide change for the benefit of the environment