18 February 2020

Reform to Packaging Producer Responsibility and What it Could Mean for You

On 18 February 2020, as part of a series on sustainability, this webinar, presented by Adrian Hawkes, Policy Director at Valpak, focussed on Producer Responsibility.

The current system for Producer Responsibility and packaging recycling in the UK has been in place largely unchanged for over 20 years. Just over a year ago the Government published its Resources and Waste Strategy. This strategy sets out clear objectives to overhaul the system and make producers (manufacturers, retailers and brands) much more responsible for what happens to their packaging after it has been disposed of by the consumer.

The implications of this strategy for companies will mean taking on a much greater share of the cost as well as more complex reporting requirements. Whilst we still await further details of the Government’s exact intentions this webinar will give you an update on the latest proposals and likely timing.

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