In the special collaborative report for CTPA on the GB market from Kantar Worldpanel and IRI Worldwide, Tim Nancholas, Strategic Insight Director - Health and Beauty, Kantar Worldpanel commented:

"2018 was another tough year for the toiletries and cosmetics industry. Whilst there are always pockets of success, like prestige male fragrance and some skincare sectors, it was a gloomy year where once again we saw below inflation price rises and flat (and declining in some cases) volumes.

The industry lost over £124 million and nearly 35 million units."

GB Market Statistics Overview

  £000s Dec 17* £000s Dec 18 % Change
Fragrances 1,791,794 1,816,576 1.4
Colour Cosmetics 1,672,017 1,489,528 -10.9
Skincare 2,272,571 2,281,662 0.4
Haircare 1,710,241 1,712,557 0.1
Toiletries 2,358,804 2,380,652 0.9
Total 9,805,400 9,681,000 -1.3


* 2017 market statistics restated from previous years as a result of strengthened data capture.


CTPA does not have expertise in retailing or marketing trends although we do publish topline market statistics on the CTPA website from a collaborative report compiled for the CTPA by Kantar Worldpanel and IRI.

For a full copy of the CTPA's report 'Cosmetic Industry in Figures' view our 2018 Annual Report. This includes an overview of worldwide import/export trade data.