GB Market - Cosmetic Industry in Figures


Kantar Worldpanel have collaborated with CTPA for a special report on the GB market 2023.


"In 2023, the toiletries and beauty sectors experienced robust gowth, surpassing the performance of the previous year. The industry's total value soared by 9.7% year -on-year, reaching an impressive £9.56 billion. With 1% decrease in volume purchased, inflation played a pivotal role in driving growth across various categories."

Jes Men, Business Development Manager - Health & Beauty, Kantar Worldpanel


"The toiletries market outperformed expectations, boasting a remarkable 9.5% increase in value, driven by sub-categories such as deodorants, soap and toothpaste. 2023 emerges as a prosperous year for both the toiletries and beauty sectors. With a decrease in inflation and an uptick in usage occasions for beauty and toiletries products, we anticipate even stonger growth in 2024."

Sophie Adnitt, Consumer Insight Director, Kantar Worldpanel


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Download the full 'Cosmetic Industry in Figures 2023' report or view online in the CTPA's 2023 Annual Report.


CTPA does not have expertise in retailing or marketing trends although we do publish topline market statistics from a collaborative report compiled for the CTPA by Kantar Worldpanel with data input from Circana