Francesca Rapolla

Regulatory Affairs Manager

UK/EU regulatory activities on cosmetics, chemicals and relevant sectors; labelling and packaging; claims; borderline issues; UK & EU/EEA online manual.

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As Regulatory Affairs Manager, I am responsible for UK and EU regulatory matters concerning cosmetic products, ranging from the Cosmetics Regulation, the chemicals regulation REACH, claims, borderlines, aerosols, Brexit and any other relevant sectorial regulation. 

On the important topic of Brexit, I work extensively with members to engage with the UK Government and other relevant trade associations on the future UK regulatory frameworks for cosmetics and feed into key insights for the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU. 

Another key focus of my role is to liaise with members and external stakeholders like the Advertising Standards Authority, Clearcast and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, to coordinate borderline and claims matters.  This important work ensures that all relevant actors involved in cosmetic claims and advertising are aligned and the industry can continue to innovate freely and in a competitive way.  Part of this work also involves upskilling our members on the principles of cosmetic claims and their substantiation, also providing support via webinars and training to various functions within a company, including marketing and sales. 

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