Francesca Rapolla

Scientific Affairs Manager

Member scientific enquiries; tracking ingredient issues; nanomaterials; monitoring research; UK and EU REACH.

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As Scientific Affairs Manager, a key part of my role is to track ingredient issues and support CTPA on relevant scientific matters for cosmetic products.  My responsibility is to alert CTPA members on future regulatory changes in relation to the harmonised CLP classification, EU and UK REACH and the EU and UK Cosmetics Regulations.   


I also provide advice to CTPA members on various matters such as cosmetovigilance, cosmetic product safety assessment, nanomaterials.  I review and critique relevant scientific papers for CTPA media statements and factsheets and represent CTPA at the relevant Cosmetics Europe Expert Teams.   


I support the Head of Scientific Services in running the CTPA Scientific Committee and Working Groups. Finally, part of my role involves providing training to CTPA members on scientific topics related to cosmetic products.   

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