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 9 CTPA Working for You
CTPA’s Digital Strategy
In October 2019, CTPA’s digital strategy vision was brought to life through the development of new-look websites that reflect the innovative, vibrant and responsible cosmetics and personal care industry in the UK; showcasing the wealth of regulatory and expert business advice CTPA provides on a daily basis to its members and the industry at large.
Information for the Cosmetics Industry
The CTPA public site,, launched with up-to-date news to keep the whole industry alert to new issues, key regulatory matters and CTPA positions on the big topics of the day. The site provides a comprehensive reference point on the strict regulatory framework for cosmetics applicable in both the UK and the EU which is available
to both the public and members. This is supplemented by an extensive list of FAQs to help companies struggling
to understand the complexity of legal obligations if they are manufacturing or supplying
cosmetic products.
On the important topic of Brexit, a specific ‘What’s Next?’ section provides advice on the priority areas to review in order to consider individual business action plans in preparation for the end of the transition period, currently noted as
31 December 2020, for the UK’s complete EU Exit. Detailed advice for members is also supplemented with webinars and confidential one-to-one sessions.
As the global cosmetics industry faced the radical changes to business, wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the CTPA Emergency Response Exchange (CERE) was set up to match companies and organisations with manufacturing/supply needs of hand hygiene and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). We also provided a dedicated COVID-19 public advice section, as well as the detailed advice in the members-only website.
Connecting with Members
As all members will know, CTPA is focussed on providing them with the best information available to assist the day job of people in all the different departments involved in making, distributing and marketing cosmetics and personal care products. All employees of member companies can create an account on the CTPA website through the Member Login section in order to access detailed help and advice through the News and Member Resources sections.
• Issue Tracker and Reference Zone: these are two of the most widely used features of CTPA’s website. They are constantly updated to reflect the often rapidly changing status of hot topics and also to help members stay across long-running legislative reviews. Members can personalise their dashboard to see the news that matters to them most by signing-up to the issue trackers most relevant to them.
• UK, EU/EEA Regulatory & International Online Manuals: the CTPA’s online manuals, available for a separate annual subscription to paid-up members only, provide the starting point for members to understand how and where to label products for the UK and EU/EEA markets and obtain valuable in-depth advice on the regulatory requirements in over 45 international markets.
• ‘Your CTPA’ provides help to members to learn more about which CTPA expert can help with specific questions and where to access up-to-date information on key topics. Importantly, it highlights the work the Association is undertaking through its committees and how to engage in CTPA’s actions.

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