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 Dedicated Consumer Information
Amazing Science, Applied Daily
In a digital audit conducted in November 2019,
CTPA’s strategic communications advisors, Teneo, explored the biggest drivers of consumer conversation relative to cosmetic and personal care products. The findings showed a high proportion of positive, in-the-moment comments about how products make people feel; with lipstick, hair dye,
nail varnish being most commonly cited as giving people that little, everyday ‘lift’ and the term ‘self-esteem’ being central to these consumer conversations.
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CTPA Annual Report 2019
  The CTPA’s dedicated consumer site,, also had a complete make-over. The site provides the science behind the cosmetics and personal care products that we use in our everyday lives. With misinformation able to spread so rapidly through the internet and social media, it is important that consumers make up their own mind based on scientific evidence when they read or hear something that causes concern. The site therefore aims to provide consumers and the media with scientific facts, avoiding technical jargon and linking to credible third-party sources.
We urge all companies to make use of the information, factsheets and infographics that thefactsabout site provides to help answer consumer questions, educate new staff about the science behind cosmetic products and to underline the importance of clear communication with consumers to allay any concerns from reading misinformation about the safety of cosmetics and personal care products.
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 A Fond Farewell
Olivia Santoni
We think of Team CTPA as a family and as such it is sad for us when any members leave to explore pastures and challenges anew. Since the last Annual Report we said fond farewells and wished good luck to four dear colleagues, Olivia Santoni, Director, Regulatory and International Services; Erika Bonnegrace, International Affairs Manager; Joyce Traylen, Company Secretary; and Amanda Isom, Compliance Manager.
 Erika Bonnegrace
Joyce Traylen
Amanda Isom
    Olivia joined CTPA in 2008 and was promoted to Director, Regulatory and International Services in 2017. Olivia led the
UK cosmetics industry through hugely challenging Brexit negotiations.
Erika joined CTPA in 2014. As well as keeping members updated on key global markets, Erika implemented the CTPA online International Manual and organised the successful CTPA biennial International Seminars.
Joyce left the Association after 19 years at CTPA. We would like to thank her for all her support, hard work and valuable expertise over the years.
Amanda joined the Association in 1998 and was promoted to the new role of Compliance Manager in 2019, reflecting her vast knowledge on technical issues and regulatory expertise.
 The CTPA family thanks Olivia, Erika, Joyce and Amanda for their support and significant contributions to the Association, and wishes them well for their futures.

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