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     CTPA Working 9 for You
Association Direction
Strategic direction; public voice of the Association; EU Exit and future UK landscape; promoting Brand CTPA; external stakeholder engagement; international relations.
Debbie Hunter
Director of Commercial Affairs
Strategic communications; promoting Brand CTPA; Board management; membership relations & services.
Caroline Rainsford
Head of Scientific & Environmental Services
Scientific strategy and environmental sector issues; stakeholder liaison and communications; key ingredient issues; safety assessment.
Nicholas (Nico) Shaw Núñez
Head of International Growth
& Regulatory Services
International and regulatory strategy; directing future UK landscape; stakeholder engagement; future trade relationships; E-commerce.
Making it happen
Finance Manager & Data Protection Officer
Financial management and budget; membership subscriptions; office and event management.
Julia Hewitt
Commercial Affairs Coordinator & Database Manager Membership services; database; CTPA member communications; CTPA events; office administration.
Eleanor O’Connor
Communications Coordinator
Media monitoring and coordination; communications; Executive Assistant to the D-G.
Daragh Rogerson
Digital Services & Office Coordinator
Website and digital communications; office meetings and services.
Your CTPA expert team
Christine Lawson
Sustainability & Technical Affairs Manager
CTPA Sustainability Strategy; environmental issues; GMP; member technical and environmental queries.
Sameer Mehandale
Scientific Information Officer
Member scientific enquiries; tracking ingredient issues; nanomaterials; monitoring research.
Francesca Rapolla
Regulatory Affairs Manager
UK/EU regulatory activities on cosmetics, chemicals and relevant sectors; labelling and packaging; claims; borderline issues;
UK & EU/EEA online manual.
International Information Officer
Member international enquiries; monitoring international regions and regulatory issues; International online manual.
     Dr Emma Meredith
Jana Mona
Johanna Irigaray

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