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 4 CTPA Events
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Armand Guyon
International and Economic Affairs Manager, FEBEA
Day 2
Elsa Dietrich
International Relations Manager, Cosmetics Europe
Gerald Renner
Director of Technical & International Affairs, Cosmetics Europe
The afternoon sessions started with providing an overview of North America, with presentations from Janet Winter on developments in the US and Canada and Gerald Renner talking about safety evaluation and animal testing bans, following the introduction of a bill on animal testing bans on cosmetic ingredients and products in the US.
The fifth session of the day, delivered by Ekaterina Tchepourina, Scientific and Regulatory Director at L’Oréal Russia, covered the Eurasian Customs Union including animal testing, standards and the process for Technical Regulation amendments and what to expect in the near future with regards to these.
Finally, Erika Bonnegrace closed the day with the sixth session, taking delegates on an ASEAN tour which covered the overarching ASEAN legislation and the particulars of each region as they introduce local laws and requirements.
Feedback on the seminar from the delegates was very positive and CTPA extended a warm thank you to all the speakers who delivered such excellent content and to all delegates for making the event relevant. The International Seminar will return in 2021.
The second day was organised in a similar manner, with sessions covering key regulatory areas and markets of interest for the industry. Erika Bonnegrace introduced delegates to the CTPA Online International Manual and the regulatory support contained within it.
The first session covered the Middle East and North
African (MENA) region. Armand Guyon opened with a presentation on the activity that the Cosmetics Europe (CE) Task Force MENA had undertaken and the current challenges present in those markets.
Mohammad Alwuhaib, Associate Director Regulatory Affairs at Estée Lauder Companies, gave an update from Saudi Arabia.
Salma Yehia, Global Product Stewardship at Procter & Gamble, took delegates through the changes in Egypt at both government and legislative levels.
The second session was led by Elsa Dietrich, who introduced India and the reform process that was due to come into force as well as the efforts from CE to providing support
to the Indian industry.
The third session covered China and the introduction of new primary and secondary legislation, and was presented by Dr Gerald Renner, Director of Technical & International Affairs at CE, who had been involved first-hand in the input from the European industry into the drafting and implementation expectations of the legislation.
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Janet Winter
International Cosmetics & Regulatory Specialists LLC
Ekaterina Tchepourina
Scientic and Regulatopry Director, L’Oréal Russia
Erika Bonnegrace
International Affairs Manager, CTPA

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