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 CTPA Annual Report 2019
 Thirdly, Jonathan Brenton, Head of Non-EU Trade Policy
at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), spoke about Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and how the UK intends
to modify the trade landscape through new FTAs, as well as how to operate outside of ratified FTAs in order to ensure international expansion.
The afternoon sessions were on a broad number of subjects with international consequence.
Session two, titled ‘Trade Barriers & International Convergence Principles’ started with Erika Bonnegrace, the then International Affairs Manager at CTPA, talking about the drivers on the global landscape. Erika spoke about regulatory convergence and the actors that intervene in trying to promote a technical harmonisation and industry best practices.
Following, Elsa Dietrich, International Relations Manager at Cosmetics Europe, introduced the Unique Product Identifier initiative that is taking hold in Russia and Indonesia, talking about the challenges and opportunities that this can present to the cosmetics industry.
The third presentation of the session was on the Natural and Organic International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Guidelines, with Carmen Esteban, a Senior Independent Consultant who was directly involved in the development of the ISO documents, talking about the principles contained within the Guidelines and how companies should approach the use of the Guidelines for their claims. The final presentation of the session was delivered by Emma Trogen, Director Legal Affairs at Cosmetics Europe, about E-commerce and how this is covered in the legislative framework.
The third session of the day was led by Nidhi Chauhan, Senior Analyst at Global Data, who highlighted international trends in the market and what the future holds for the relationship between the consumer and the industry;
the consumer’s need for more information on sustainability definitions was mentioned during the presentation.
The fourth and final session of the day presented five international hot-topics, with experts providing brief 10-minute introductions into these topics and a clear indication of their relevance and background:
• Amanda Isom, the former Compliance Manager at CTPA, discussed the subjects of cannabis and nanotechnology.
• Armand Guyon, International and Economic Affairs Manager at FEBEA, gave a presentation on Halal as related to cosmetic products.
• Janet Winter, CEO of International Cosmetics & Regulatory Specialists LLC, introduced the topic of travel retail.
• Phil Lewis, Director General at the Anti-Counterfeiting Group, presented on the subject of anti-counterfeiting.
The first day closed with a Q&A Panel with all the afternoon participants, followed by the traditional networking reception and dinner.
Amanda Isom
Former Compliance Manager, CTPA
     Carmen Esteban
Senior Independent Consultant
Nidhi Chauhan
Senior Analyst, Global Data
   S2 S3 S4
  Emma Trogen
Director Legal Affairs, Cosmetics Europe
Phil Lewis
Director General, Anti-Counterfeiting Group

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