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    Charting a Steady Course:
Facilitate, Protect, Promote & Lead 5 by Dr Emma Meredith, Director-General, CTPA
 When I became the CTPA’s new Director-General just over a year ago the Association was staring into a period of deep political, economic and social uncertainty. While Brexit is a source of opportunity, its outcome was unclear, global diplomatic relationships were
fracturing and activists were advancing climate change up
the agenda in an unprecedented way. Amidst the turmoil,
I unveiled a new strategy for CTPA: Facilitate, Protect, Promote and Lead. This new framework helped the Association to chart a steady course through an extremely challenging
year. It enabled us to focus our resources around members’ key priorities - and adapt quickly when those priorities inevitably evolved.
One year on and uncertainty seems to have become our steady state. Even as I write, the world is working out how best to tackle the growing humanitarian threat from COVID-19. Major global events are being cancelled.
CTPA Mission:
Non-essential travel is being curtailed. In addition, new Government policies are being written into existence in record time. Meanwhile global industries, including our own, must prepare for unforeseen demands on their supply chains and new ways of working. CTPA has adapted its activity to address the challenge, aligned to CTPA’s strategy and purpose.
In the UK, like elsewhere, business can only wait to see how keenly they will feel the economic repercussions of a global pandemic. Of course, this new wave of uncertainty looms
just as the UK is preparing to steady the ship for the future post EU Exit.
Creating a more focussed, more agile Association felt like the right approach last year. Today, it feels like the only approach. By adding even more technical expertise to our team and finding flexible new ways to share that expertise with our members, we have been able to lean into new challenges and stand steady behind CTPA’s core purpose: ‘to enable the cosmetics and personal care industry to deliver excellence and support wellbeing’.
   To be the credible authority for a vibrant and responsible UK industry, trusted to act responsibly for the consumer
    Influence outcome of Brexit and COVID-19 recovery for UK industry
Expand global facilitation through collaboration; focus on trade issues and barriers
Ensuring regulation continues to allow for safe, innovative products
Ensure measures to restart closed parts of industry are safe and based on sound science
Protect from non-science
Promote best practice through education
Build trust & reputation of the industry
Go-to partner
CTPA’s Sustainability Strategy is steering the UK cosmetics industry towards net positive
CTPA International Strategy
Understanding the needs of CTPA members and tailoring services accordingly - delivering an agile, expert service to all
 Core Purpose: to Enable the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry to Deliver Excellence and Support Wellbeing

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