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 4 CTPA Events
 CTPA International Seminar
25-26 November 2019, London
 On 25-26 November 2019, CTPA hosted the successful biennial International Seminar at the Royal College of Physicians. The Seminar looked at key international markets and topics to give attendees the much-needed insights about the global regulatory landscape. For this particular event, focus included the particular challenges that the UK’s exit from the EU would bring to exporters and importers as well as turning the spotlight to territories that are seeing major developments such as Middle East, ASEAN countries, Russia and the Eurasian Customs Union, and China. Further topics such as trade and counterfeiting were also addressed, with an understanding that the international challenge is not limited to product compliance.
For the first time, and in line with the CTPA’s Sustainability Strategy, delegates accessed all documentation through an event portal which provided all the presentations in a digital format, supported from a smartphone or computer. This was a well-received initiative, and a responsible choice from CTPA.
The event was opened and closed by Dr Emma Meredith, Director-General of CTPA, and the seminar was chaired in conjunction with Nicholas Shaw Núñez, Head of International Growth & Regulatory Services.
The navigation of the international landscape was divided into themed sessions with panel discussions arranged throughout both days to give the chance for delegates to access each speaker’s area of expertise.
Day 1
The morning of the first day focussed on an evaluation of the current political situation and the impact this might have on the UK industry, as well as informing on the important topic of trade and international convergence.
Following this, the afternoon covered current trends and topics with an international implication. The second day of the event took delegates on a panoramic journey through the international landscape.
The first session to open the event was titled ‘How will Brexit impact internationally?’ with Graham McMillan, Principal at Teneo, giving the possible outcomes and implications of Brexit, looking into how the cosmetics industry and trade policy feature within the manifestos of each of the parties involved in the run-up to the General Election in December 2019.
The next three discussions delved into more detail about important aspects in trade and trade relationships.
First, Richard Bartlett, Director of Business Development at the Institute for Export & International Trade, gave a practical approach at the implication of a ‘no deal’ Brexit to trade, highlighting subjects such as the responsibilities for exporters and importers, trade between the UK and EU, and the relevance of Harmonised System (HS) Codes.
Secondly, Ian Worth, Partner at Harwood Hutton,
gave delegates a practical introduction to Rules of Origin, a topic that CTPA had been working on throughout 2019.
Richard Bartlett
Director of Business Development, Institute for Export & International Trade
Ian Worth
Partner, Harwood Hutton
    Graham McMillan
Principal, Teneo
Jonathan Brenton
Head of Non-EU Trade Policy, Confederation of British Industry

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