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Events in 2019
Cosmetics Masterclass
The CTPA Cosmetics Masterclass is a members-only resource-intense interactive day, providing the regulatory framework knowledge necessary to navigate a regulatory or related role in a cosmetics company whilst also maximising a company’s membership of CTPA. The type
of roles benefitting from attending the Masterclass include, but are not limited to, regulatory, scientific, legal, sales
and marketing, supply chain and product development and management.
Attendance at each workshop is limited to just 12 people
so that key elements of the Cosmetics Regulation can be presented in an informal and more personal manner allowing time for questions and discussion. Attendees also meet members of the CTPA team and understand how to use the CTPA’s online resources to best effect.
During 2019, the CTPA ran six Cosmetic Masterclasses for a wide range of member companies including manufacturers, retailers, brand owners and distributors.
   “Thank you also for hosting such an informative workshop and for all the details you shared with us on the day.”
Partner & Product Technologist
  “Thanks to all of your colleagues who delivered the Masterclass yesterday. The content, delivery and format was excellent and underlines how useful the CTPA will be to our own compliance efforts in future.”
Director of Regulatory Affairs
 CTPA Brexit Seminars
CTPA has been advising members on the latest developments in the Brexit discussions and how to prepare for the possible scenarios. Two seminars were held in 2019, in February and October, ahead of anticipated EU Exit dates.
‘CTPA Navigating the New Cosmetic Landscape’,
14 February 2019, London
On 14 February, CTPA held an afternoon seminar on Brexit ‘CTPA Navigating the New Cosmetic Landscape’. The event took place at the Royal Society of Chemistry and was open to member and non-member companies.
Francesca Rapolla, Regulatory Information Officer at CTPA, gave an overview of where the industry is at the moment and what key actions CTPA took since the beginning of the Brexit journey, thanks to collaboration with different Government Departments, other industry associations, and in consultation with members.
Graham McMillan, Principal at Teneo (CTPA’s long-standing communications agency) provided updated information on the current UK political situation. The key outtake was that ‘no deal’ may become less likely, however it is still the only default option if nothing else happens (e.g. deal is approved, Article 50 is extended); clarity is likely to come at the very last minute.
Emma Trogen, Legal Affairs Director at Cosmetics Europe, followed with an overview of the EU landscape.
Delegates were informed that the firm European position hasn’t changed and that the EU has increased its ‘no deal’ preparations, also publishing more technical notices to help companies prepare.
Jonathan Brenton, Principal Policy Advisor, EU Negotiations at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), gave an overview of how other sectors are preparing for
‘no deal’ Brexit and focussed on the migration plan
the UK Government has prepared. Sarah Smith,
Deputy Chief Executive at the Office for Product, Safety and Standards (OPSS), Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), providing an overview of the new UK Cosmetics Regulation that will come into effect after
29 March in the case of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Richard Bartlett, Director of Business Development at the Institute of Export and International Trade, explained how companies will have to change the way they trade with European countries and what key preparatory actions they need to take.

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