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 ET Regulatory Aspects of Sun Protection
Dr Paul Matts (Chair) Dr Raniero De Stasio Julie Leone
Dr Amanda Long
Dr Emma Meredith
TF Crisis Alcohol
Dr Raniero De Stasio Mike Picchioni
SCT Science
Dr Emma Meredith (Vice-chair) Dr Raniero De Stasio
Dr Amanda Long
Hannah Marsden
Dr Gavin Maxwell
Procter & Gamble UK Estée Lauder Companies GSK Consumer Healthcare Avon Cosmetics CTPA
Estée Lauder Companies Johnson & Johnson
CTPA Estée Lauder Companies Avon Cosmetics Avon Cosmetics Unilever
Steering Committee Long Range Science Strategy
Dr Raniero De Stasio Dr Gavin Maxwell Mary Moran
TF AAT Skin Tolerance
Dr Nicola Gilmour
TF AAT Systemic Toxicity
Matthew Dent
Dr Steve Gutsell
Mary Moran
Dr Beate Nicol
Dr Evita Vandenbossche
ET Environmental Science
Dr Raniero De Stasio Ayisha Dedat Caroline Rainsford Dr Lucy Speirs
ET Exposure
Dr Sarah Tozer (Chair) Catherine Barrat Paula Connolly
Claire Davies
Dr Nicola Gilmour Sarah Gilpin
Dr Victor Oreffo Caroline Rainsford
ET Inhalation
Sarah Gilpin Lara O’Keefe
SCT Selective Distribution Channels
Anne-Marie Galvin Darshit Patel
Estée Lauder Companies Unilever Procter & Gamble
Unilever UK
Unilever UK Unilever Procter & Gamble Unilever Unilever
Estée Lauder Companies Avon Cosmetics CTPA Unilever
Procter & Gamble UK Unilever Kimberly- Clark Limited Unilever Unilever Estée Lauder Companies Unilever CTPA
Estée Lauder Companies Procter & Gamble
Unilever Unilever
CTPA Annual Report 2019
   CTPA is proud to be a full member of Cosmetics Europe (CE), the European personal care association.
Active Association Members
As well as being a member of the Board of Directors and having representation across most of the workstreams, as indicated in the CE committee list in this section, CTPA is also a member of the
Active Association Members College (AAM).
The role of this College is to contribute to the implementation of CE’s objectives with particular emphasis on: mutual support and exchange of best practices within the Associations’ network; providing one-voice, one-industry positions; identify synergies and eliminate overlaps, while interpreting EU issues
in the national context; help maintain a network of influence nationally, coordinated with European level actions; represent SMEs and their interests at EU level.
Cosmetics Europe key deliverables
Throughout 2019 CE worked on 23 items of focus and deliverables, many of which remain central to the Association’s work in 2020. You will see that these are reflected in the issues of concern at UK level and therefore also a focus for CTPA:
• The environment and chemicals
• Digital influences
• Science
• Ingredients
• Regulatory matters
• International
• Integrated advocacy and communications
One area that CE, all national associations and companies will have to address is the European ‘Green Deal’. This programme was outlined in the political guidelines of the incoming President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.
It aims to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The Commission and the European Parliament cite the Green Deal in almost all of the proposed plans for their current tenures. As you know, CTPA’s Sustainability Strategy is now launched and we look forward to working with CE in this most important of areas in the coming years.

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