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 CTPA Annual Report 2019
 LEAD towards Net Positive Industry
Finally, 2019 saw the launch of CTPA’s new Sustainability Strategy in collaboration with Forum for the Future, which set the industry on a purposeful new path: ‘Driving Towards a Net Positive Cosmetics Industry’. Our goal is to ensure the personal care industry is a force for good, putting more back into society and the environment than we take out – and CTPA is uniquely positioned to effect positive change at a pre-competitive level.
Our Environmental Sustainability Working Group (ESWG) has been building out a plan to convert our net positive ambition into action, creating a clear picture of where members are today and where CTPA can super-charge
their efforts through pre-competitive collaboration. Meanwhile, our partner agency, Teneo, conducted a
digital sustainability audit to ensure that, where appropriate, our actions feel aligned with consumers’ priorities.
Building on the great work members are doing individually on sustainability, the Association is bringing members together to share learnings and drive system-wide change. Our new resource hub provides a growing wealth of best practice and promotes knowledge-sharing webinars and events. Eventually it will also enable us to report on our progress with the level of transparency that people today rightly expect.
The CTPA’s strategy on international trade was discussed and agreed by the CTPA Board at the end of 2019 and members of the newly constituted International Regulatory & Trade Committee will be working with the CTPA throughout 2020 to help guide and prioritise CTPA actions as discussed in the article ‘The UK in a Global Landscape’ later in this report.
International cooperation is extremely important, as issues are rarely localised. Initially an informal gathering of associations, the International Associations Collaboration (IAC) is now an important forum which fosters strong industry engagement around the world. This global voice pro-actively addresses international challenges. “By working together, we hope to enhance consumer / stakeholder trust in global cosmetic products, increase industry’s ability to offer innovative products and drive compatible regulatory requirements around the globe.”
IAC meets twice a year at the annual meetings of the Personal Care Products Council in the US and Cosmetics Europe in Brussels, but the network also meets virtually throughout the year to discuss critical issues and projects.
  IAC meeting, Cosmetics Europe June 2019
What else will our industry need to contend with this year? Who knows? Another key part of the CTPA strategy is regular Horizon Scanning, to try and identify the mega-trends and emerging disruptors in order to ‘Pre-empt; Predict;
Avert; Equip’.
 However, whatever is ahead, our industry’s success stems from its innate ability to innovate; to create new products and whole new categories that can keep pace with changing needs. Dynamism is in our DNA. I can’t help our members
to see around corners, but I can promise that in CTPA today they’ll find an Association that is as ready and able to adapt to the next unknown as they are. We have proven our mettle over the last year and I’m incredibly proud of that and the whole CTPA Team.
So here we are. Fighting fit, future-facing – and ready to rise to the next challenge together.

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