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  The purpose of CTPA’s Sustainability Strategy is to build an understanding of the issues and challenges faced by the industry, to increase its transparency and responsibility. It was born from a passion to make the cosmetics and personal care industry a force for good by putting more back into society and the environment than is taken out.
This strategy includes three key areas of focus covering all aspects of industry’s value chain: sustainable production and supply; waste and end-of-life fate; and wellbeing.
Throughout 2020, CTPA will continue to engage members with the strategy through lunch and learn webinars and a new Resource Hub on the members’ website. The Association had intended to hold a major event on sustainability in May 2020. However, given the health crisis with COVID-19, the face-to-face event was cancelled. Instead, the Association will engage members, the wider industry and external stakeholders to look at solutions to the challenges of sustainable business practices and explore new innovation that can help drive systemic change.
Artificial Nails
In 2019 CTPA created a ‘Guideline on Artificially Enhanced Nails and Minimising the Risk of Allergy’,
which has been developed for salon professionals, consumers, manufacturers and others with involvement in artificially enhanced nails.
CTPA Annual Report 2019

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