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Sustainability continues to be a key focus; identifying how to reduce the impact of human activities on the world’s resources, not harming the environment
and putting people and the planet first, ahead of everything else.
As part of its focus on sustainability, the UK Government launched its Resources and Waste Strategy in December 2018. Several consultations were undertaken by the Government as part of this strategy and CTPA responded to each consultation separately throughout 2019 on behalf of the industry. CTPA also wrote to express a position on the consultations’ collective implications within the wider Resources and Waste Strategy.
In October 2019, the UK Government published its Environment Bill, part of the Government’s response to growing public demand and scientific evidence for a dramatic change in environmental protection and recovery. An independent body, the Office
for Environmental Protection, will be established
to scrutinise environmental policy and targets, investigate complaints and take enforcement action.
CTPA responds to such consultations and strategies to promote the sector’s safety and sustainability credentials but also to communicate that the cosmetics industry is willing to cooperate and
work to find the most appropriate solutions.
CTPA Annual Report 2019

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