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 8 CTPA Working with Members
    Plastics & Polymers Working Group
Sun Products Working Group
Dr Amanda Long (Chair) Sandra Browne
Roberta Colombo
Dr Jack Ferguson
Atoshi George
Sharon Glass
Richard Keightley
Dr Monica Lundervold Clare O’Connor
Marie Reynolds
Andrea Carrao
Ben Carrick
Dr Corey Cunningham Dr Raniero De Stasio Nicola Donnelly Sandra Fernandez Laura Garcia Deacon Simon Hodgson Khusbu Jain
Andrew Jenkins Richard Keightley
Dr Gillian Marsh
David Rees
Katy Slater
Dr Filipe Almeida
Dr Iain Davies
Beta Montemayor
Kao Corporation Johnson & Johnson Kimberly-Clark Europe Estée Lauder Companies Johnson & Johnson Revlon International Corporation Avon Cosmetics Croda International Avon Cosmetics Walgreens Boots Alliance Acheson & Acheson Procter & Gamble UK CPL Aromas RB UK Cosmetics Europe (CE) Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) Cosmetics Alliance Canada
Avon Cosmetics
Edgewell Group Estée Lauder Companies Skinnovation L’Oréal UK & Ireland MEIYUME Acheson & Acheson Procter & Gamble UK Walgreen Boots Alliance Alba Science
  Raw Material Supplier Working Group
The lists above and on pages 38 and 39 reflect the current membership of CTPA Committees, Working Groups and Advisory Groups. In addition to the above groups, ad-hoc advisory and working groups are set up as necessary.
These currently include:
• Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Advisory Group • Claims and Advertising Stakeholder Group
• Customer Care Advisory Group
• International Nanomaterial Working Group
• Hair Preparations Advisory Group • Hair Salon Advisory Group
• Toxicology Advisory Group
The CTPA Secretariat also maintains ‘contact lists’ of Members with special interests.
Jim Smith (Chair) Ian Callan
Tony Causer Chris Cox Salahud Din
Dr Garry Dix Dr Nick Dixon Helen Hill Clare Liptrot Barry Mooney Louise Olivier Roxanne Smith
Aston Chemicals Innospec Adina Chemicals IMCD UK Lonza Group CPL Aromas Innospec Azelis UK Croda International A&E Connock (Perfumery & Cosmetics) Ashland Specialty Ingredients KCC Basildon

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