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     Cosmetics Industry 7 in Figures
  “2019 was yet another tough year for the cosmetics and toiletries industry. There are always some pockets of success, like facial skincare and bath products, but it was a year where once again we saw value and volume declines.”
“As I write this, we have of course seen probably the biggest disruption to retail sales since the war, and toiletries and beauty have of course seen a great deal of volatility since the end of 2019.”
Tim Nancholas
Strategic Insight Director – Health & Beauty, Kantar, April 2020
    CTPA GB Market Report 2019
“Back to 2019 for a moment, the industry lost over
£216 million 2019 vs 2018 and nearly 90.8 million units. Over half of the value was through colour cosmetics,
an area with some issues as women use products more sparingly and spend less when they purchase. Retail and shopper factors combine, of course, to produce these results.
“As we noted last year, Home Bargains, is the sixth biggest mass health and beauty retailer and is also the fastest growing along with B&M in eleventh position and Savers in twelfth place – showing that British shoppers love a bargain and
want to pay less, and not stock up on their standard toiletries (did I say stocking-up)?
2019 £9,347.6 million*
2018 £9,563.7 million*
* at retail sales price
“In Beauty, fragrance and cosmetics have seen a downturn with 4% and 8% decline in value. Some of this can be blamed on the performance (or lack of) from department stores as both Debenhams and House of Fraser suffered store closures and financial losses, leaving the beauty shopper less places to choose their perfume or make-up.
 Sector Year on Year % change by Value
-4.0 Fragrances -8.1 Colour Cosmetics
1.1 Skincare 0.0 Haircare
-1.9 Toiletries
“Toiletries fell 3.1% in value with haircare flat and a glimmer of light from skincare which grew 1.1%.
Sector Year on Year % change by Units
-3.4 Fragrances -10.4 Colour Cosmetics
0.0 Skincare -3.5 Haircare
-3.1 Toiletries

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