The Importance of Packaging


Packaging is an important part of cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery products from the perspective of considering its manufacture, transport and distribution, its retail presence on shelf and finally during use by the consumer.

Cosmetic packaging is designed to provide protection against external factors; secure the product’s chemical and physical stability over the period of use; provide a proper and safe way to apply products; provide all necessary product information for the consumer, including regulatory requirements and prevent microbiological contamination of the product (however, it is important that the formulation is also adequately preserved); packaging also allows safe storage and transport; makes the product attractive; and some packaging may also require specific security features, such as being pilfer-resistant or tamper-evident. 

Cosmetics packaging is unusual in that it must also be durable as most products are in use for several weeks or months or, sometimes, years.  Packaging is also integral in enhancing the performance of the product.

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