Key Facts About the UK Cosmetics Industry

  • CTPA was first incorporated in 1945, then as the Toilet Preperations and Perfumery Manufacturers Federation of Great Britain Limited
  • In 2019, the UK's largest single trading partner in the world is the EU27, with 65.5% of exports going to the EU and 62.7% of imports coming from the EU
  • See our Market Statistics section for further information on the EU and UK markets as well as UK import and export data

Did You Know?

Cosmetic products have been in existence for thousands of years -

  • In 400 BC, Greek Olympic athletes covered their bodies with a 'sunscreen' mixture of sand and oil to protect their skin from the sun!
  • The Chinese Cho Dynasty (600 BC) used gum, egg whites, gelatine and beeswax to create nail varnish
  • The use of henna as a hair colorant was first recorded around 1400-1500 BC
  • A soap formula was found written on a Babylonian tablet around 2200 BC
  • Ancient Romans used a mixture of soil and water in their hair, rolled with textiles and baked it in the sun to create temporary waves
  • In 5000 BC the Egyptians made a bath powder from myrhh, the powdered ashes of ox hooves, powdered and burnt eggshells and pumice
  • Use of perfume dates back to the beginning of mankind; the first perfume bottles were found in the Mediterranean in 7000 BC