10:00 09 June 2020

Social Media Advertising and Working with Influencers

This webinar, taking place on 9 June 2020 at 10.00-11.00, will give an overview of all available guidance from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) on social media advertising and how influencers can responsibly advertise products. 

The session will also provide the general principles from the EU point of view, as given by the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), however companies will be reminded that every EU Member State has its own advertising rules.

This webinar is aimed at all relevant functions within a company, such as R&D, regulatory, legal and marketing.  

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For Non-members - the webinar is available for a £25 + VAT fee.  To purchase, please contact [email protected] with details of your name, company, address, job title, and company VAT Registration.  An invoice will then be sent to you for payment.  Once received, the link for registration will be forwarded.

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Social Media Advertising and Working with Influencers

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