13:30 18 August 2022

IMPORTANT – CTPA Webinar on UK REACH Consultation on the Deadlines Extension for Registration

Further to the public consultation by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to extend the current deadline for registration under UK REACH, CTPA is holding a webinar for the cosmetics industry on this topic.  The webinar is free for both members and non-members of the association.

CTPA is finalising its contribution to the consultation on behalf of the UK cosmetics industry.  However, members of CTPA and companies from the cosmetics industry are strongly encouraged to also submit their own response to the consultation, in order to reinforce the association’s position as well as provide further insights to DefraThe deadline to submit responses is 1 September 2022.

The webinar on this topic is scheduled for 18 August at 13.30-14.30, and it will cover the below points:

  • Why is Defra extending the deadlines for registrations under UK REACH?
  • What are the options and challenges?
  • What is CTPA response?
  • Why do members and companies also need to contribute?
  • Q&A

To register for the webinar, please use this link.


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