14:00 28 September 2022

Cosmetovigilance Training for Non-Members

CTPA members have a seperate training on 21 November 2022, follow this link for further information

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Cosmetovigilance is the monitoring by companies of adverse reactions to cosmetic products when they are used by consumers.

As well as being a legal obligation under Article 23 of both the UK and EU Cosmetics Regulations, cosmetovigilance is a useful tool to monitor the product whilst it is on the market and identify any safety signals.  Authorities also monitor the occurrence of undesirable effects through the legally-required reporting system for serious undesirable effects.

In order to upskill companies within the cosmetics industry on this important topic, CTPA is opening its Cosmetovigilance training to non-members of the association.  Non-members will be able to attend the training by paying a fee of £25, follow this link to purchase. Upon payment, the registration page will be sent.

The session is suitable for staff in regulatory or any other functions involved in the cosmetovigilance process, as well as staff involved in liaising directly with consumers in case of adverse reactions.

This CTPA training will provide an overview of company’s recording and reporting obligations in the UK and the EU when a consumer experiences an adverse event, with a particular focus on performing a causality assessment.

The webinar will begin with an introduction to Cosmetovigilance, the legal obligations under the UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations and how to obtain the necessary information from the consumer.  An overview of the causality assessment process will be given together with practical examples; the session will also be interactive, allowing attendees to participate to the case studies and apply the knowledge gained from the training.

The virtual session is scheduled for Wednesday 28 September at 14.00-16.00, make sure you don’t miss it!

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Cosmetovigilance Training for Non-Members

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