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Hydroquinone in Eyelash Extension Adhesives
The European Commission’s Rapid Alert System, RAPEX, recently reported the withdrawal from the market in Slovenia of a glue for false eyelashes that contains hydroquinone: RAPEX (A12/0559/17).

Cosmetic Claims
A summary of issues relating to cosmetic claims.

URGENT: CPNP - System Errors and Access Difficulties
Cosmetics Europe has contacted the European Commission regarding the difficulties many members are experiencing in trying to access the notification portal.

Changes to European Cosmetic Laws
Changes to European Cosmetic Laws

No Ban on ‘Free from’ Claims
There is a rumour circulating that large companies within the cosmetics industry are pressing the European Commission to prohibit ‘free from’ claims. This is untrue. On the contrary, recent discussions between the cosmetics industry representatives for large and small companies and the European Commission have established that ‘free from’ claims, in principle, are allowed and will not be banned under the new Cosmetics Regulation. Read more…

Bailey Report – Letting Children be Children
Report of an Independent Review of the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood.