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Ingredient Safety
The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) is an
expert scientific committee which reviews ingredients at
the request of the European Commission. Upon receipt of
a mandate to assess an ingredient from the Commission,
the SCCS will review a safety dossier, usually submitted by
the cosmetics industry and ingredient suppliers, which has
been prepared in support of the ingredient. Once the SCCS
review is complete, including an opportunity for public
comment, the SCCS publishes its expert opinion in the form
of a risk assessment. The Commission, in conjunction
with a committee made up of representatives of EU
governments, will then make a risk management decision
as to whether any regulatory action is required and, if so,
will proceed to legislate accordingly.
In 2015, the SCCS received 16 mandates to review
ingredients and adopted 23 draft opinions and 19 final
or revised opinions. The opinions covered ingredients
used generally in cosmetics, including preservatives,
UV filters and hair dyes.
Annexes to the Cosmetics Regulation
When the Annexes were transposed from the previous
1976 Cosmetics Directive to the new Cosmetics Regulation
published in 2009, errors were introduced. A Cosmetics
Europe Expert Team, consisting of representatives from
member companies and EU national associations
(including CTPA), has undertaken a comprehensive review
of the Annexes and shared a detailed list of the errors with
the Commission. At the end of 2014, a Working Group
at the European Commission began its review of Annex III
and collation of comments continued in 2015. Review of
Annexes II, IV, V and VI will be undertaken once the review
of Annex III is complete.
CTPA Annual Report
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